Jennie was back with Sandra

Originally Jennie would go find a pub job in Bendigo or Ballarat. But it's cold there so she came back and brought Sandra who is also a Swedish girl.

What to do? Of course let's go drinking.

Sandra on the right.

Everybody started to drink. Wasn't there other thing we could do in a bar?

Well, we four planned to do a road trip to Perth.

(However, pity that Sandra couldn't go with us.)

Wow, Jennie and Sandra sang a long. I have the video. I'll figure out how to upload somewhere.

Wanna hear their singing?

Afterward we went to another bar, but Sandra disappeared.

New friends, Gavin and Philip both from Northern Ireland.

I don't know why; the just could get very high.

(Laura and Zoe)

And Belgian, I didn't have chance to talk to them. I got long working hours at that time.

They just didn't wanna be together. After some time, each disappeared in turn. I became alone with the ridiculous glasses. In another bar, a woman borrowed the glasses.

Well, I still don't understand why can they get so high in a pub or bar and have fun. Such a boring guy I am, huh?

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