Time to leave Echuca

Too long in Echuca. Time to leave. My plan was:
1. travel to Tasmania with three Taiwanese I met in the packing shed.
2. stay in Melbourne; upload photos and write blogs
3. Road trip with Laura and Jennie; from Melbourne to Adelaide to Perth. Then west coast.

Time to say goodbye to the tomato packing shed.

I spent time standing in front of the packing lines.

Goodbye, everyone.

Goodbye, colleagues.

20080405 Echuca last day of tomato packing

And goodbye to all Japanese, you just like to make wry faces when taking photos, don't you?
20080402 Echuca the night before Seishiro Koei Madoca left
(sumimase, wadasiwa takeda shinken das; yoroshigu) And I like Oda Nobunaga.

Goodbye, Debbie.

Goodbye, Echuca.

Goodbye, Paddlesteamer.

Goodbye, Echuca Backpackers.

Goodbye. The party has to end sometime, however, there is always next journey waiting for you.

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